QR Code Scanner - Scanned code to compare with Db

Hey Everyone,

I’m using the QR code scanner to scan a code on a product, compare the scanned code to an existing database and display the product name in a list, if the scanned code matches to any barcode in the db.

The list that I created is able to populate the scanned code, but the comparison of the scanned code with the code in the db isn’t happening.

First of all, welcome!

You’re not providing enough info here to answer your question.

These fields that you are populating are just display information there is no comparing happening. You are just setting what you want the title and subtitle of the lists to be.

Hey Bobby, thank you for your quick response.
Apologies I forgot to add the screen shot of the comparison.

This is how the record looks on the database.

This is the custom filter that I’ve added for the list to display.

How do I make the list display the product in the database corresponding to the barcode the QR code scanned? Please help me with this.

So, here’s what I have from playing with it for a few minutes.

Create another collection called QR Code Scans:

Have your scanner create a new entry in that collection using the data from the scanner to populate the one QR code field:

Then have it link to where you want your list to be:

For the list. You will have it be a list of your products > All Products> Where the barcode field (in that product collection) is equal to the Current QR Code Scan > QR Code.

From here you can create another action to link to a product page for that product, or a back button. Whatever you do at this point though you will want to make that action also delete the current QR Code Scan so that you do just fill that database up with scans. This will keep that database to the one scan.

Hope this helps!

Hey Bobby, thank you so much for the help. It did help us get it sorted.

Awesome, glad to help!