QR code scanner requires me to close and open again the app to work

I’m new in the Adalo forum so I don’t know if I’ll get too many responses but I would really thank any kind of help.

I’ve created an Adalo app which has a QR code scanner on it. In the home screen there’s a button which links to this qr code scanner screen. I’ve got adalo pro and uploaded it to google play (it’s currently on an internal testing).

The problem is that, when I click the button that links with the qr code scanner, it appears the screen but fully white, and the qr code scanner component does not activate. But if I close the app and open it again, it suddenly turns on.


How could I fix this to make the QR code scanner appear directly when I enter into the screen?

I would really appreciate your help as this app is really important to me and I’ve been working really hard on it!!

Thank you,


Hello @acabreram ! We experienced this issue before, so I can help you with that. In the “QR” screen you have to set up the “QR code” component as conditional visibility (it can be based on an input value). This worked for us, if you don’t understand exactly what to do let me know and I will do a short video.

Hi! Thank you for your fast reply!
The truth is that I don’t really understand how to do it… I would really appreciate a short video…

Thanks again!!

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