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Hello Guys,

I am making a reservation app

1-. The user fills out a form with the information for their reservation.
2-. A QR code is generated with an unique ID number

What’s what I need?

I need the user go tot the place to present their QR code and scan it with the Business app and see the information that the user entered.

I don’t understand the QR Scan addon, I have no problem booking and generating a unique QR code for each client and reservation.

but I can’t read the QR code and it showed me the information from the Database, I have several days searching the forum but nothing is clear.

I know you have already asked this in the forum but I need your help, if you have any ideas that you can help me with


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What is the overall problem with the QR Code?

For the QR Code scanner to work your app has to be a native app (On Testflight, Google Play, Store or Apple App Store)

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Hello @James_App_Maker Tks For Your Mssge, i have a native app andi have the apk.

I want to scan a qr code with a reservation code that I have previously generated. The problem is that I dont know how to maket after scanning go to th Dbase search the code and then show on another screen all the reservation data.

I am stopped in that step how to configure the code reader and that it returns the information in another screen

This might help you a little.

Saving QR code from QR code generator

Thank you, I already did that. This is how I generate the QR code for the reservation.

The problem is that, in my apk I have the reader but I cannot configure it to get the information that QR code has in DB, and takes me to the next screen and shows the related data.

The Rest Personal.
1-.Custumer Show His Qr Code to the Restaurant Personal.
2-.REstauran Scan Whit the Admin App, the QR, when the QR its Scanned link to new page Called “Reservation Details” and this page show all info related added by the Custumer.
3-. When the Restauran Verify the the info push a button called "Confirm’ and thats it…

I’ve never tried scanning QR Codes but maybe someone from @mike-minimumstudio could help you with this.

Tks For Your Help @James_App_Maker

Tks a Lot i will Contact Them.


Hello @Colin im Francisco, Do you have an idea how to do this in ADALO

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