Saving QR code from QR code generator

I know this has been asked a couple of times but the solutions were not working for me (and I think it didn’t yet work for others).

How can I save a QR code (that was generated by the QR code generator component) to the user field?

Here’s how to do it:
Info: QR codes are not images, they are URL (I did not know this)

  1. Create a text field for QR code
  2. Add as click action to update the user and you’ll see the QR code

Hope it helps (I spent hours with this as I thought it was an Image instead of a URL)


Great job @axme! Lots of people were wondering how to do this.

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Hi @axme, can you provide some more details on the how-to of this? I could not understand where you add the text field and what you mean by your 2nd point. so basically did not get it. Thanks.

Hi @nuripm,

  1. @axme means that you create a text property called QR CODE in one of your DB collections.
  2. For the ‘Save’ button on the QR Code generator you add an update action to update the “QR CODE” property in the collection.

Axel, where did you get the QR code Gen component like that one that stores it in a collection?

Can you think of a way to change the color of the QR code and store that change in the collection? Any idea’s would be greatly appreciated