Quanity selector update based on stock available with dates

I’ve made a “bike-renting” app and I am not able to keep track of the inventory of available bikes.

  1. People can book a bike from Day A to Day B.
  2. When a bike is rented, it should show 1 bike less in the quantity selector for other users who want to rent a bike, until Day B (the day in which the bike is returned).

–> Is it possible that once the date of return passed, that bike is made available automatically?

Here’s a video showing how the app is structured in case it helps: https://vimeo.com/483455305/70d8ff3824

In Adalo only no but you could with Airtable. or you could just create a check in process when they bring it back and you look over the bike to see if its damaged it will put it back in inventory after its passes

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