Database Syncing - What are my options


I am trying to understand if there a way to have a 2 way sync set up with adalo to a database in airtable or sheets? Is it something to do using zapier?

Basically I want to be able to update records in the database in a simple manner and delete or add records, inside of adalo this is very time consumer as it necessitates opening each record (as far as I can tell!)

Any help would be super appreciated :smiley:

Hey @DPS you are able to sync data back and forth to Airtable using Zapier, or pull it in from Airtable using External Collections, which I encourage you to try.

As a side note, we’re also working on improving some of the annoying aspects of editing data in Adalo, and the first part of the, bulk delete, will be available to use by early next week.


Thanks, I will look into this option. As far as I understand external collections means that the app will be pulling the data from that external source and not the local database which I think will be slow, is that right?

@DPS yes, this can introduce some slowness, but overall not that much because in both cases you’re pulling data from a server in the cloud, so in reality neither is really local.

Also, realized I said you could pull info from Zapier above so corrected that now. Meant you could pull data from Airtable with external collections.

Aha makes sense, thanks I will set it up then with the external collections functionality as it will be great to use airtable to manage the db.

Hey @jeremy,

Will Adalo also release a fix for Airtable relationships? Right now we cannot make relationships between sheets in Airtable ([“ID”] in array) without a workaround.

And what’s a good use case for bulk delete? (Just curious) :blush:


I can’t seem to make the airtable sync work with zapier, I just want to 2 way sync a local adalo database with an airtable one, is that possible?

@rgo I’m also in the same boat, but I haven’t figured out a workaround yet even after browsing the forums. Could you give a bit more details on this workaround so that I could try it out too? :smiley:

Same question :slight_smile:

Got the response : use a custom action ! (works only for 1 record in an array)

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Can you elaborate a little?

I think bulk record updates are needed to build a shopping cart or collect orders efficiently. The alternative is for someone to checkout with each item individually.

I used Integromat to build a solution for relationships. So my Adalo app will write a line in the ‘FormProcessor table’ and visit my webhook. When we call the webhook this scenario starts:


  1. Integromat receives information from the ‘FormProcessor table’, from the record id provided by the webhook
  2. Then Integromat will write a line in the correct Airtable table with a ID value in an array, forming the relationship
  3. I delete the ‘FormProcessor’ row

Hello @rgo do you happen to have a video demo of this scenario? I’m running into many “data racing” issues using Zapier to move data from Adalo to Airtable even when I use Delays. This is causing many problems with Linked Records in Airtable. Perhaps @jeremy has another solution for this?

You can use external collections or custom actions to avoid the Zapier delay.