Query parameter Syntax for filtering external collections for List

Hi guys @Ben, @FelixWat, @Colin i guys @Ben, @FelixWat, @colin , I’m having this same issue and i need an urgent help here as the solution on the forum did not solve my own issue. my base URL is https://folomebet.herokuapp.com/api/publicBet/matchbets which return all bets and https://folomebet.herokuapp.com/api/publicBet/matchbets?eventcode=1001 should return just bets with 1001. it works fine on browser but when i run as filter for list with base url: https://folomebet.herokuapp.com/api/publicBet/matchbets and filter name= eventcode and value = 1001 it still returns all bets… i have tried for days now searching for solutions but non has solved it.

hi @mcluya not sure if it’s the same issue, but Ashley just answered my support ticket and Adalo is having a 500 and 503 error when running (custom) actions.
To see if it’s your issue as well: go to chrome -> developer tools -> console. Check if when you press a button on your app you see a red 500 or 503 error

Please any help, still having issues with my list, right now my list show but it replicate a single data for all rows…

Those links do not work for me.

Cannot GET /api/publicBet/matchbets