Filtering XANO results


Does somebody know how to filter a “GET all” call in a external collection in XANO?

I mean, how to fill the “Query and Value” inputs?

and tried many things and i’m always getting all items in the list.

@xano please help.


Have you already created the external collection database? Once that is done you simply can create a new page with a List Component and use the external Xano Collection for the “list of”.

Let me know if it something else you are trying to do?

Yes, as you can see in the attached image, I’ve selected an external collection, and I need to filter the result filling the query parameter with the property name and value but it is not working, I’m always getting all the records in the collection.


Ah so the best way to do this is create a new API Get Endpoint in Xano with custom Query parameters for what you want to filter.
Then create a new external collection of this new API Get call. Add the Query Parameter(s) you will be using and then you should be able to pull the Magic Text for the values.
In one of my cases it was the UserID.

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Thank you @rickman I will try it.

Thanks @rickman for helping @Malik out. Malik if you’re still having issues let us know and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you figure it out!


My tip for this to work :slight_smile:

When you define the query parameters in the authorization section in Adalo leave it blank. I mean do not create a query parameter there.

You need to select a default value for the query parameter in Xano since without a default value the collection won’t return results and without a result you can not save it in Adalo.

But then wouldn’t the external collection wizard also fail if you provide no parameter? I thought you needed to provide a test value so that it can pull up all the attributes on the external table. I am having a ton of issues on this. @xano can you provide more clarity on how to do this? Something as simple as just filtering by user is taking me hours to figure out