Question about expiry and Sometimes visible

Have a question about expiry and Sometimes visible on a text field. I want to show 2 different status for a type of certificate in a list. Current and Expired. So I have setup 2 different text fields. One for each status.

The issue comes up when the date is on the day it will expire the text doesn’t show as current. it shows blank?
Example of day before.

Example of next day.

Example of current day.

Do you know why this is happening? Do you know of a way to show the text on the day it will expire?


Matt H

Hey Matt,

I might be missing something here, can you help clarify further?

where are you to show current day in the screenshots? I only see before & after expiry setup.

If your question is about formatting, you can click on the data element on the “User expiry Date” & it’ll give you options to choose format.

Let me know if you need further help.

Hello Bhanu,

that is my issue. nothing shows on current day. I want it to that it is still current until the date has passed.

@NCMobile Do you have a setup in your app to show the data on the current date?

Based on the screenshots above, you’re only showing before expiry and after expiry dates using visibility conditions. Do you have another one for current day?

Yes correct. When I add the current day. It shows up every day then. Do you have an example of how to get this working?

I only have a expiry date. So this should be enough to show data on current date right?

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