Is it possible to change font color when expiration date is near?

I’m using my user’s profile screen as a digital membership ID.

One element that appears on the screen is their membership expiration date.

Is it possible to have the font color on the expiration date change color when the user’s membership is within 30 days of expiring?

Hello Mike,

You can’t change the color like that. The only way I know you could do something like that would be by adding something like this…
different text with different colors and change the “visibility” option to show different color tex when meeting certain criteria.

I hope this helps,


That’s helpful. Thanks.

Is it possible to use relative date as a condition which can trigger visibility?

For example, could I trigger it if expiration date is within 30 days?

Or could I use a true false condition?

Yes. Something like this?

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Beautiful! Thank you so much.

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