Question about oauth2 (OAuth2, application)


I’m not familiar with APIs so I don’t really understand is this possible to automate or not so I have API which I want to use. First I will go to website where I will manually authorize (Oauth2) and then I get this Curl which I can use to get the data. Also every time I manually authorize I will get the Curl and Bearer token.

Now the problem is that the Bearer token is valid like one hour and after that it will change so when I want to get new data the Bearer token is changed and I have to manually go to website again and use Oauth2 and I get new Bearer token which works.

So is there any way to automate this process so I don’t have to log in to get new bearer token? :thinking:

I am using AirTable + Data Fetcher to load the data and Adalo external API for AirTable.