User access token for external collections

Hi, everyone!
I am using Adalo for the front-end part, I have already had backend with rest API, so I am trying to use external collections. On my backend, I want to authorize the user by bearer token. How I can attach user access token to http request to my api?

Hi @tarasmychats,

For external collections, please see here: External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources (section 5 of the document describes setting the authorization for external collections);

If you have trouble accessing specific API, then please feel free to provide more details about this API, what do you try to do and what’s the error you get.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks very much for answering. I will try to answer differently.
There is a backend with rest API developed on my own with endpoint HTTP get /documents.
If I developed a mobile/web app on my own I would attach the header Authorization: Bearer {jwt_token} to request. In my backend, I would decode jwt token to retrieve some user information(id or email) and respond with valid data.

For now, using Adalo I make HTTP request like this get /documents/{user_email}, but it is not the secure solution for production. In this case, a bad user can retrieve information related to another user.

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