Questions about Stripe for marketplace

Hi guys, I’m creating a marketplace and I would like to know some things about stripe.

  • Is it legal to receive paiement from a client using stripe, and then I manage myself the following things : pay the seller if the product is confirmed by the buyer, or refund the buyer if the seller cancelled the transaction.

  • Or is it easier to user the stripe marketplace and pay instant the seller from the buyer, and if the transaction is cancelled, ask the seller who received the money to refund me.

  • A thing I don’t understand is, if my clients from stripe connect create an account, when they are paid, the money goes directly to their bank account, or it goes to their stripe account, where it will take some time to automatically go to their bank account? I want their experience in the app to be the best as it can, and using stripe for new people can be a complicated thing.

Thanks to u all !

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