Stripe for marketplace: what if vendor does not deliver?

Hello guys,

I’m working on a service marketplace type of app. Implementing the payment, I’m hesitating between :

  • “one time card payment” : receiving the payments from customers and then transfer it to the vendors. However, in Europe this may be qualified as collection of funds on behalf of third parties and requires a license (like a payment service provider) ; or
  • Stripe for marketplace : taking a cut on each transaction and not managing the transfer to the vendors. However, if this happens at payment, what if the vendor does not perform the service? There is small space for me to make them refund the customer even partially.

How would you guys deal with this situation?

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I finally discovered that Stripe enables to hold the payment up to 90 days. Apparently it requires an “Express account”.

-Is the account opened with Adalo an express ? If not, how to open one and change from the standard one?

-Is there a way to test the connection of test vendors and payment/commission for the marketplace?

-Is there a way to hold the payment to the vendor/the charging of the customer for around 7 days using the Stripe component for Adalo? If not, may I, as the platform, refund users in case of dispute?
My main concern is if the customer buys the product/make a request and the seller does not deliver + does not refund and I can’t do anything.

Thank you in advance


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