Custom content based on results of a quizz

Hey! New to No Code. Testing waters :slight_smile:

Is it possible to create a fitness app with content customized based on the results of an onboarding quiz?

A bit more details of the flow:

  1. Users login
  2. They see a quiz
  • Your body type: A, B or C
  • Your time available: 1, 2, 3
  • Your Goals: #,$ or %
  1. If a user answers A, 1, #, then she will get custom videos matching her answers (A1#)
    For a user C3% there will be different videos.
  2. Videos will be added weekly. On week one they will see the first video (A1#-1). After a week another video shows up (A1#-2). Then another (A1#-3) etc.

Videos will be recorded and a sequence of videos will be pre-made for all answer combinations.

Can this be done simply enough with Adalo?

Thanks a ton!

Hi @danaben ,


This is actually where Adalo shines, you can easily merge those collections and use the merged codes to filter the content.

I made an example app here, you can clone it and see what is inside.

Feel free to modify and ask questions here.

Fitness Videos (


Wow, thanks a lot for helping this way!

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