Quiz Questions Not Displaying in Quiz App: Already Using "Load Items as User Scrolls

Hello Adalo Community,

I’m currently developing a quiz app in Adalo and have encountered an issue where the quiz questions are not displaying. The app contains multiple quizzes, each with a large number of corresponding questions, and I suspect that the sheer volume of data may be causing this issue.

When I’m operating in the preview screen, I attempt to retrieve the questions from the field and display them in a list, but I receive a message saying “action cannot be completed,” and the questions do not display at all.

I am already using the “Load Items as User Scrolls” feature, but this has not resolved the issue. If there are any tips or settings to use this feature more effectively, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Additionally, I welcome any other advice or suggestions for resolving this issue. I feel that the loading and display of questions is crucial for improving the user experience in my app.

Any advice is welcome. Thank you in advance.

How many items are you loading? I have apps with thousands of entries and if there is an issue with volume, it usually simply loads slowly, it doesn’t produce an error message. My initial guess is something else. But it’s hard to problem solve from a prompt. Any screenshots, etc, would be helpful!


Thank you for your advice the other day. I wanted to give you an update on the situation. My app had exceeded the 200 records available on the free plan with Adalo. This seems to have been affecting the performance of the app.

I just upgraded to a paid plan on Adalo, and I’m already seeing significant improvements in how the app is running. The database load times have greatly improved and the user experience has significantly enhanced.

From my experience, it feels like Adalo’s paid plans offer good value for developers seeking performance improvements. My app is now able to process more records efficiently, and the improvements in speed and responsiveness are apparent.

I hope this information is helpful to you and other Adalo users. Thank you once again for your assistance.

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