Radio Buttons for 1-10 scale, with photo selection attached to the selected score

Hello!! I’m a beginner here in Adalo, so highly appreciate any help and recommendations/pointers I could get :pray:

For my app, I’d like the user to:

  1. Get a “1-10” selection scale, displayed as radio buttons, to click on. This is for a “mood scale” BTW :slight_smile:
  2. Upon selection, the user is directed to a screen in which photos are displayed from the phone galley. The selected photos are stored in the collection along with the value selected in step 1.

I’ll stop here for now. Success criteria for me would be at this point, to see the database collection populated with records of (user, value-of-scale, image1, image2).
(Screen #2 could be a modal I guess??)

Again, any help including an app or components to purchase and clone will be a great help!!
Thank you!!

Looking forward to some tips. I could do with Radio Buttons for a mood scale only :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Vered,

In regards to mood selection: there are several ways to make this work.
To start with, you need to have “Moods” collection:

  • mood value (number)
  • relation to User (one User can have many Moods, but each Mood belongs to one User)

Option 1: if you’d like to move to the next screen just by clicking the icon, you can put 10 icons on the screen and for each icon add an action to create a record in “Moods” collection, and 2nd action to move to next screen.
Option 2: if you’d like to allow user first to select a mood (this is radio button functionality) and then press some other button to submit the mood, then you will have to use approach similar to this one: Adalo hints: creating radio buttons using Toggles - YouTube.
Option 3: there is a radio button component in the Components Marketplace, you can use it.
Option 4: instead of having Radio Buttons you can use Slider component to choose the mood. In this case you add an auxiliary property to Users collection (call it TMPMood, number). Slider will adjust this property (Logged-in User → TMPMood). And you can add an action create a record in “Moods” collection on another button (call it Submit).

In regards to selecting several photos from phone photo gallery: unfortunately this is not possible in Adalo. Image picker allows you to take picture or select one photo.


Thanks a lot Victor for this clear and helpful answer. I’ll try it out!

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Hi @Victor , what is the source for the limitation of " selecting several photos"?

  • Are you saying that only store a single image can be stored in each database row ?
  • or is it a limitation of the image picker?

If the latter, can I use some external API?
(sorry for the stupid question… still new to Adalo)

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