Random Chat - What are y'all up to?

Just wanted to start a random thread to see what everybody is working on. Has anyone hit any milestones or had some wins we can celebrate?

  • We received great feedback on our private beta (more info at www.custxmer.com) :eyes:
  • We have implemented several improvements on our app because of that feedback :clap:
  • A few of those improvements were possible because of the knowledge shared in the forum :pray:
  • We are now preparing for the second private beta :rocket:

Excited about the future :raised_hands:


Cool! What’s your goal for the second private beta? I haven’t ever really thought of doing a two phase beta.

The goal is to continue polishing the app and implementing improvements/features to enhance the user’s experience. Our beta testers are doing a great job providing us with their insights.

We actually have a three-phase beta. :wink:


@charleshope I’ve actually done the same thing! About to release the third beta version for the final stage of testing before full release! I’m beyond excited for this!

It’s crazy how much the app changed from first iteration to now. And it wouldn’t be this way if I hadn’t split it up into three beta phases!


Much success! :rocket:

If you don’t mind me asking what kind of app did you build?

Don’t mind at all. We have a landing page with some info about it :wink:

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Hi Jesse,

These days I’m working on a app for my school that the teachers can mark who is present on that day or absent, teacher or students can add notes of that day so the absent students can write them easily, and some more features that will make the teachers life easier!

And also I’m making lot of videos about Adalo and some other things to create my YouTube Channel. The hardest part is video editing. Honestly, I don’t have any experience in video editing and this is the first time I’m doing this.

I’m watching some tutorials on YouTube to get there . And my best friend helps a lot to create these videos ( Me and my best friend is in the ICT Club in our school and in the club I’m in the Web Designing side and my friend is in the Video Editing side. He is so good with Video Editing.). And they looks nice!

And I’m happy that now I’m getting more familiar with Video Editing thanks to my friend and YouTube videos. Hope my YouTube channel will release soon :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. - And very disappointed about our country ( Sri Lanka ) :pensive:

Thank you


@charleshope very nice!

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Thanks! :raised_hands:

Do you have a landing page for yours?

Best of luck @dilon_perera! Video editing isn’t my strong suit either. I do a little bit when making videos for my students but the extent of it is trimming.

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@charleshope currently I do not. I’ve been testing locally and I’m fully involved and seeing everything one on one. I’m testing with my students at the school I teach. But will be working on a landing page before it’s ready for full deployment.

My director is actually my marketer and a pretty great web designer so we’ll be working together on that front.


Sold a couple of Adalo apps (Stamp App, Booking App, Note App) already (Selling as a freelancer), so far great feedback from the community.

Ready to start officially a website (Almost finished, just fine tuning it) to sell my templates and microservices and ramp up my Youtube channel (That I let die last year :smiley: due to too many projects).

Also making my own social app to fight Yelp and Google haha (One can always dream right :smiley: )

@dilon_perera my videos also s*ck, editing takes forever, so I just try to put them raw and learn with time, it is free content and you take time of your life to make them, just perfect them with time.

And waiting excited but forever for the Geolocation (This will be a game turner).