I'm Jesse, the Community Manager at Adalo. AMA!

Hey y’all!

I’m Jesse, the Community Manager here at Adalo. I started on October 4th and have loved every day of it.

I was a youth pastor for a few years, taught myself how to build websites with no-code tools, learned some marketing by reading books, blogs, and buying some courses. That enabled me to get a job doing both (e-commerce and marketing) full-time for an industrial B2B company before coming on at Adalo.

I’ve started and failed at building a few businesses, and finally started one with decent traction. I’m building Skilfuel on the side, coffee creamer that gives you longer lasting energy and focus than the coffee it’s in. We were even featured in a popular YouTubers video recently!

My areas of expertise are in community, marketing, and design.

Ask me anything!


What did you do during the thanks giving?

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Hi @yusuke2424! I ate A LOT of food with family. Did you celebrate?

Hi @jessehaywood, I have recently returned to adalo and am enjoying using it to build apps - but I have noticed that not much progress has been made on the webapp side of things -do you know if there are plans to improve that in the works?

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Unfortunately not but looked like a very enjoyable holiday.

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There are definitely plans to improve that side of the app builder but they are in the future. Our priority right now is to be the best no-code mobile app builder ever. So, our team is working hard right now towards that goal.


It is very enjoyable. What country do you live in?

I live in Japan. We have a longer holiday around new year. 2021 was really fast year for me. I’m excited to see more apps made by Adalo from now on.

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Hey @jessehaywood, thanks for doing this AMA.

You said you started and failed a couple of businesses before one started to take off. After putting your products out there, what are your take aways (what is easy, what needs more effort than you thought, …) as a self taught no-code builder?

Also, are there any updates on when native IAP purchases and subscriptions (also for digital goods) are going to be an option in Adalo?


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The businesses that failed were a marketing agency I tried to start and a dropshipping website. I honestly think I lacked persistence due to a lack of vision for these businesses. I was chasing a fad rather than trying to build something meaningful (YouTube ads led me to start these rather than an innate desire to build something awesome). When things got hard, I quit, rather than persevering. Building a business is hard. If you don’t have something greater to motivate you (vision) then it makes it difficult to keep going because you only see the temporary difficulty rather than the long term possibility.

The business I am building now is a physical product hosted via Shopify. We raised $10,000 to get the product made, and we started manufacturing a little while ago. I also have a team, rather than doing this by myself. I think what has gotten me to this point is that I truly believe in what I am building. I am solving my own problem in a way that fits with my passions. And I have a partner which makes it fun.

As to the updates on IAP and subscriptions, I’m afraid I can’t speak much into that. I wish I could. One of the things I want us to be better at is communicating these things with you, our makers. So I can say with confidence that we will be moving in that direction in 2022.


Hola @jessehaywood , puedes brindarme un video de como publicar mi aplicacion en adalo, Gracias

Hi Jesse :wave:

How did you feel when you were a youth pastor and what are the advices that you can give if a person is going from Marketing side?

Welcome to the team @jessehaywood Glad to see you around.

My project is Stew: An Anger Management Journal

Would you happen to know an ETA range for when the “in-app subscription component” will be stable and released? I’m highly anticipating that component for my app as it’s ready to start making $$. I’m not going to use the stripe component unfortunately.