Re-entry issue in published app

When the user closes the application and restarts it, he needs to re-enter the username and password. In Adalo’s editor, there was no such problem, to exit, you had to press a special exit button.
Why is this happening, how to fix it?

Hi Artem,

Is this happening in the PWA or a native app? PWA is the link when you press the share app button to add it to your home screen, in short, it’s basically on a website. A native app is iOS Testflight, iOS App Store App, Google Play Beta, Google Play Store App.

It happens in published app.
In PWA - everything ok.

Hi Ossa,

For troubleshooting - was it a published PWA or in shared view?

Because PWA operates in the browser, you have a cache which prevents users from logging out. In the published app, verify the Home screen and Welcome screen are properly set up.

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Hi Eric! It’s published apk. I did it in Google internal testing before - but I’m tired of it, and now I load it in my phone to quick test.
The “Home screen” and the “Welcome screen” are located together on the same screen, it’s so convenient for me and Adalo allows it. But even when I separated them everything remained the same. Actions on the home screen did not proceed as if the user was logged out.
This is not convenient in the future. I need the logged in user to remain logged in when he re-entering. How to influence this?

I’m sorry in terms, I thought PWA is a preview, right?

Hi Ossa! This is currently a limitation of the native apps. What is happening is the logged in user data is not available quickly enough when the app loads, so conditional actions or lists related to user fields will not load on the “Home Screen”.

The work around for this is to create a blank interim loading screen. On this screen make a single screen action to link to your current “Home Screen” where your conditional action are taking place. Then make this screen blank screen your new “home scree” in the Adalo screen settings. Then push a new build and test.

Your users aren’t actually being logged out. Their data just wasn’t fetched in time for these actions to have what they need to complete.

Hi ben1!
I did as you said: added a blank home screen, tied actions to it. This works for Preview and Share, but doesn’t work for apk. As an experiment, I installed apk, went into the application, logged in, closed the application and launched in again after 6 hours. I find myself on a white home screen and … nothing. No action is taken, no user redirection occurs.

I found one solution, but it seems very strange and slow.
I added one of my standart Lottie to the blank screen and assigned it the same actions after the animation finished, but you have to wait about 4 seconds for the animation to complete…
It helped, but still, developers of Adalo, please pay attention to this…
I shure that a better solution, for example, so that the action is performed by the screen itself without any additional animations …

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Hi Ossa,

Did you only add one action on the blank hone screen? The only action on that screen should be a link to the screen you previously had as your home screen. Then on your previous home screen, you would keep the conditions you had on that screen. do not move all of these actions to the new home screen. That will just render the same result.


Cool! Thank you very much Ben! It’ works!

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