Record ID for zapier

I have an app that is subscription based. I am trying to connect zapier so that when a user unsubscribes, the adalo record can be updated so that the user will show as unsubscribed. Is there a way to do this? I see that to update an adalo record through zapier, I need the record ID and I am not sure what that is. Does anyone have experience with this or maybe a better way to make a subscription app work since there is no in app purchases available.

Hi, I have tried this but no success. Usually I would do a search first in Zapier to search for record and get the id. I have not found search included in Adalo Zapier integration.


how do you convert the line string that comes from adalo API to usable fields in Zapier? I get a json like this for the GET from Zapier:

but when I try to use the output in zapier, I get this:

all records in a line string have you been able to convert this to usable fields in zapier? if so, can you pls help me figure out?

Thank you!