Recruitment agency job app

Hi Everyone (Not trying to sound like Dr Nick from The Simpsons).
I’m making an app which will (eventually be distributed via App & Play stores), for a recruitment agency.

They want a simple interface, a chat facility where users can only chat to the admin only and where they post jobs quickly: location, hourly rate, perks, property type etc.

So I’ve done the initial build but now need to instigate these features, the problem I have is that when I do the preview the chat and job features don’t really work.

Can Adalo do this? Or am I wasting my time?

Hi @QED ,

Chat in Adalo is one of the basic feature even it has its own early youtube video that demonstrate how to build it.

To chat with only admin, there needs to be assignment which user will be the admin of any candidates, if the admin is fixed, only using certain email account, we can use boolean property to recognize that, but if the admin comprise of different email accounts then group chat will be needed as it can serve different pairs of admin and candidate.

Checking other tools is necessary to convince that you will be picking the best there is.

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