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Hello I have added chat to my app but was wondering how it works. I see where it is for the users to chat with each other, but can I as the app creator use that to chat with them. my app is an accounting app and i don’t want the users to chat with each other only me. so would I be able to chat with them through the app or is that not possible. I know there is a way to add an email thing to the app but I wanted to chat with my users through the app after they booked me for my services.

Hey Donye.

Check out this post - Create a fast live chat in your Adalo app

Good luck!

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It’s possible but does require manipulating the way it works to be a “support chat” type of thing rather than direct messages between users.

Instead of allowing users to create a conversation with a list of users, you have to allow users to create a conversation with you only.

How would I go about doing that. Can you explain it a little bit.

I did this for my website support ticket system app. I’d have to look at it side by side and walk through it. It was a little complicated because I put a “support” link in a navigation menu. And I’m about done for the day here.

Send me a direct message and perhaps we can discuss doing a screen share conference call together. Looks like you have quite a bit of questions here in the forum and it may be worth your time to sit down and chat one-on-one.

Hello i am busy everyday and won’t have the time to do that but I can give you app acess and you record a video of what you did and send it to me.

If you want to learn, you have to make the time. And this is very advanced to be doing for free.

Send me a message when you’re ready and we can discuss pricing.

For one I have other important things going on in my life and I dont have any money to pay anyone.

That’s unfortunate to hear. I hope your situation gets better. I don’t know you nor do I know your financial situation at all.

However, I have been running businesses for years and years. I have an associate’s degree in accounting also. So when it comes to investing in the business, I’m confident that I know quite a bit.

  1. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that it takes money to make money. Don’t be scared to invest in your business if you believe in it.
  2. You’re an accountant, you of all people should know that capital is required to run a business and you should know that you can classify business expenses on taxes for the maximum return possible.
  3. You’re asking a community of people to spend their time and expertise to help you create something that you plan to make money off of, specifically $150 to $300 per appointment.

I mean no offense when I say this, but your reply that you have other important things going on in your life is rather inconsiderate to the users of this forum who are here spending their time, their energy, and their expertise to help you when we ALL have other important things going on in our lives.

Keep in mind that I don’t work for Adalo. I’m an Adalo customer, just like you. :wink:

If you hire an expert for say… $150 for an hour of their time to work on things for you… and it lands you 1 new appointment… then the service is worth it, wouldn’t you say? It proves the concept works, gives your app the UI/UX that actually looks and feels amazing, and it’d save you hours and hours (if not days) of struggling on your own.

Live in abundance, not in scarcity :star_struck:

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@Flawless Hello I know you don’t work for adalo, but you suggested that I pay you when I currently don’t have a job. Yes I get that you don’t know me and you don’t have to help me. All I was doing was just asking a question that is for anyone to respond if they can help.

Watch this:

@Flawless ok thank you i will check it out

@Flawless I just watch the video and it was ok but I didn’t not like the person personality and some of the things that were was a little untrue and false. But I want to say Thank you for helping me with my other issues here in the forum. I don’t mean to come off rude or condescending its just that I been going through so much emotionally and financially. So I am sorry if I did anything wrong. But I truly appreciate you and everyone who has helped me. I completely understand that there may be certain things you won’t do for free and thats ok doesn’t means other are not. Have great rest of your day and life. And again thank you

The point I was trying to make by showing you the video is simply this… You already have a skill (accounting), you don’t need a ‘job’ to make money when you have a skill that you’re good at.

I feel that you should study personal development and personal finance to better your situation and mindset.

Your mindset is 75% of the battle.

“Things I’m going through” - The only thing you can control is the way you react to situations. Nothing is happening TO you, it’s all happening BECAUSE of you. Everything in your life that you have, good or bad, including not having a job or source of income, is your doing.

You manifested it all.

I do wish you the best of luck, and I’m here if you need expert assistance. Whenever you’re ready, feel free to message me. No pressure.

Hi there,

I guess this conversation is “slipping off” the original topic :slight_smile:

@Donye the live chat link posted by @Briggsy could be very useful for your needs. This one uses the external service.

Also you can also build the chat entirely in Adalo. You need to study the group chat template, and as @Flawless mentioned, you need to allow users to create with conversation only with you.

When you study the chat template, you can see that when you press “+” to start the conversation, you get to the screen with the list of users. So if you filter out the list of users in a way that there will be only one result - you as an admin, you can stop other users from chatting with each other.
As an “extension” to this logic, you don’t really need to have a separate “Start Conversation” screen - you can rather “convert” the “Start conversation” button into a single-item list of Users, filtered by your email. Please see the answer by @crmorris2 in a thread here: Chat feature in app

Please note - my reply provides not an “end-to-end” solution but rather the path to explore :slight_smile:

To better understand how this works, you can search on forum based on “chat with admin” and on YouTube based on “Adalo chat” keywords.



@Victor thank you so much

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