Recurring actions : is it something possible today?

Hey Adalo team and Adalo apps makers,

I’d need an advice for a specific use case. In my app, users have to perform an action to get a task run periodically (let’s say a recurring task).
If I am correct, there’s no way to get rows added automatically, and it’s seems that unfortunately, the Adalo trigger for Zapier is only “new row in Adalo DB”.

So, I have not tested imthis yet but I’m thinking about adding a screen action on the main app page, so that each time a user log in into the app, a new row will be added if necessary (based on a time check). But not sure about how to perform this check on the date via a screen automatic action.

Do you have any experience with similar use cases? Or a way to “stimulate an Adalo internal trigger”?

Many thanks!
Christophe HK

Maybe it will possible when this component is ready :

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Can’t wait for it! :yum: