Recurring Assignments

Hello all, thanks for any help in advance.

I am creating an app that will help a chiropractor keep track of his patient’s activity. Each patient will be assigned 2 exercises each day. This is what I cannot figure out.

Is it possible to make a coaching assignment re-assign to a user at the beginning of each day? I have cloned the coaching app and am using some of the pre-existing database relationships there.

So the ideal workflow is.

Admin assigns exercises to a patient, those assignments then show up for the patient and can be completed and “refreshed” each day.

What would be the best way to go about building this?

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Hi @eggeriley ,

I have looked at coaching app but it is better to create from scratch so we have more control of the database design.

Here is my try, check it out.

I have not implemented safety feature yet, so duplicate records are easily created.

But you can see my other cloneable apps to see how it is done.

For repetition, I have to use dummy sequence collection, but if Adalo has another way, I would like to know as well.


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Thanks for putting this together! It is very helpful. I think this should give me the start with the relationships I need to finish the rest of the app. Thanks!

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Can you help me understand what the “generated” field is for? I am trying to understand how the sequence master and generated page is creating the recurring items.

Is this currently generating assignments at a specific period of time later on? How do I set that?

Thank you!

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Hi @eggeriley ,

generated ? property in exercise collection is true/false toggle is a flag that it has been generated, so generate button inside the list can be hidden using sometimes visible.

sequence master is to help for repetition, because I can’t find looping component, but maybe I miss, so we are simulating looping there.

If you want to include more property such as time, you can choose to be in exercise collection or sequence master collection, both can be copied to assignment.

You are welcome.

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