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Hello dear Adalo people! I have a quick question:

Let’s say I have a list of 100 items, sorted based on how often users have liked the item. I know how to show only the top 10, by setting the maximum number of items to 10, but now on another screen I want to show items #11 to #20. How would I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mgwg ,

You need to have running number which then can be filtered using range like you mention.

Use logged in user as app variables to be start and end range, cause it is easier to manipulate using update action rather than change input value.

What do you mean exactly with “Use logged in user as app variables to be start and end range”?

Hi @mgwg :wave: :wave:

Tell me If I understand your problem correctly. Are you mean like this?

Thank you :blush: :blush:

Yes, that seems to be it! Can you share how you made it?

Ok I will send a video. Give me 5 mins.

Here it is @mgwg :blush: I did this with the simple list and you can do this with any list.

Thank you :innocent:

Add property in the users collection, so you can access them through logged in user>property name, this kind of method works everywhere in the app.

Thank you very much, but my problem is slightly different. My items are sorted on a count of how many times they have been liked by users, which can change over time and can be any number. So I cannot just filter the list based on that count being between x and y.

Can you maybe explain this in a bit more detail?

Can you give spreadsheet example ?

This would be an example. Note that the number of likes can change over time, so I won’t be able to set threshold values manually in the filter-settings

In Adalo, we don’t have list index, so we need to create it on our own.

In the database add another property for ranking.

To update the ranking, add another collection called sequence master collection.

You can read an example here,

Do batch processing using custom list and countdown to loop through this while using sort descending for number of likes.

This process need some time to finish, so it might be better to do it at the end of the day.

Thank you Yongki! Unfortunately this solution will not be sufficient for my problem, given that the ranking will change continuously throughout the day and I need to show the properly sorted items at any moment. So I would need an automatic solution. Any other ideas?

Then you will need to process it everytime there is a change in the number of likes.

This will takes some moments to process it.

Try creating on your own first then when you are creating it, you will get some more ideas.

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