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Hi everyone! Looking for any help I can get :). I mirrored the coaching app in Adalo and am working to create a very similar system where a coach can assign their clients assignments to complete. But when I set it up in my app the assignment the coach creates is saved as a task in their profile rather than being assigned to a specific client. I’m sure it’s something with my database but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I’ve just created an assignment platform. How to do have your database structured with relationships between assignments and users?

In my test, it works normal, the coach can assign to users.

Hi @Jacob_Lange under my “Assignments” collection I have a relationship to users “One user can have multiple assignments and an assignment belongs to one user”

Hi team, after some more fiddling around I was able to correct the error. My users we in many to may relationships so I just needed to clarify who was following who to ensure the assignments would populate correctly.

One more question. In the demo coaching app, assignments are noted as “in progress” or “complete”. Do you know how to tell the created assignment that it is “is progress” and should populate that space?

You can create a One to many relationship and assign to one user.

If you are using the form to create the task you can create a text property on your Tasks collection ( Status). Then you can add that filed on the form. ( Fields section > Automatically section) and you can set the value as In Progress. Or if you are using a custom form ( Text inputs, button) then you can add the value as In Progress on the status field on create action. And in your tasks list you can add the current task > status. Then you can add a Update action to the done button to set the value as Complete on status field.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Wohoo! That worked. I never would have figured that one out on my own. Thanks @dilon_perera

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No Problem @Allison and Your Welcome :+1:

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