Reddit App Clone - Cloneable Adalo App

Hi Adalo Community,

So this time I wanted to try something a little more challenging to build in Adalo and decide to build a Reddit App Clone.

The current features:

  • Signup/Login
  • View/Create/Edit/Delete Subs
  • View/Create/Edit/Delete Posts
  • View/Create/Edit/Delete Comments
  • Like Posts
  • Follow User
  • Follow Sub
  • View Follower

Need To Finish:

  • Sub Search Bar
  • Following/Followers System
  • Fine Tune The Like System
  • Make GUI better (GUI isn’t my strong point)

Clone / Preview Link:

Direct Clone Link:

Extra Info:

  • Built using only Adalo free features, no pro account needed.
  • Uses 19 different Screens

Screenshot of Screens:

Let me know if you have any suggestions about what could be done better.

Will most likely build some more templates (cloneable apps) this week.


This is really great to see! Especially as this is one of my all-time favourite sites :slight_smile:

Thanks @Colin. Just a heads up, I think you tagged the wrong person in your reply (unless it wasn’t supposed to be me) :wink:

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Is it possible to add the forum aspect to the app with adalo? For example, be able to reply to post’s comment, and then having someone else reply to it (creating a new thread within the original comment)?

Hi @KamranF ,

This is on my next item list for creating template, but I need to launch group chat template first, then I get the sense of demand.

Forum is considered public chat, and if used correctly will bring more information to the content inside the app, because they are linked together.

But if you open up too much, like unknown users, they can clutter comments with useless things. So this feature will be safe within organizational app which its users are already known each other.