Refresh button that triggers API reload?

Okay, I have finally successfully connected to a couple of different APIs. Data is flowing into my lists which makes me very happy :slight_smile:

Now, I need the user to be able to reload the screen and pull new data in. Is there any workaround to doing this with an icon and action?

Also, is there a way to determine how often my API is queried fri Adalo in general? Worst case, I would like to put some text informing users how often the lists are updated.

hey @ldyer.

The best way to handle a reload is to have a button that links to a completely blank screen with a transparent background, and on that screen make a screen action that links back to the original screen. This will reload the data in the list.

As for the frequency of updating. Any time you open the page I believe it is refreshing the list

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Exavtely! And you add another action to manage the increment, a number field associated to any of your user. Current user > incement list X + 1

thanks, I will implement this :slight_smile:

@ChristopheHK I have implemented Ben’s suggestion, but am not sure why you need to increment current user. Could you explain the purpose your suggestion a little more?

Because of this : " I would like to put some text informing users how often the lists are updated."

“how often” = an increment at each refresh

ah, ok. I am pulling in a date/time for each record via the external list. So i am showing that per list item.

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I use this method, with a text line using the current time.

As in ‘This page is updated as of {Current Time}. Click to update with latest data’ with a refresh button performing the actions described. The page keeps the time when page was last accessed, not the true current time. This prompts the user to refresh.

Can keep the time as actual or relative.

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Will that incur a lot of app actions?