Relational Database

Dear all,

I am creating my first application and I need to set different permissions for users. The application considers the following levels:
1.- Company
2.- Branches
3.- Controls
4.- Users

Where the company will be the central office and may have more branches. The controls correspond to a list of tasks that are executed in all the companies and branches (some task can be eliminated according to the needs of the branch). The tasks are performed by a designated user, the user can perform tasks for a single company and its branches.
How do I establish the relationship between the databases so that the application works as described?
Thank you very much!!!

You need to use Collection Permissions but I think you will be aiming beyond it’s capability. In which case, if you are set on Adalo then build your back end in Xano where you can get super granular with permissions.

If you aren’t overly worried about strict permissions then you can rely on front-end show/hide logic to achieve something like what you need.

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