Relations and entries pre-loggin

We’re looking for a way to create relationships pre loggin. The challenge is to save entries during an onboarding for our not logged in users. After the user is logged in we would like to copy this list of entries into the account. We tried it i.e. with an API connection to Airtable to fetch the entries with a query filter, but it does not work.

Any one an idea how to create a relationship pre loggin and save those entries in the account?

I built the entire gift shopping experience without login until checkout, using Airtable as database. If you can elaborate on your use case, I can share my experience/suggestions based on that.

That’s promising @bhanu, thanks for responding!

We’re creating an idea backlog for our ‘new’ clients. Multiple users work in one account. We need to make a relation between users and idea’s and the account.

In the onboarding the (not yet logged-in) user adds ideas to his backlog. Only when he’s creating an account all those pre defined backlog Ideas are not copied into his account and not connected to him as a user.

Next to that, when we’re creating a new idea (when logged-in) it is not possible to add that idea to his account (business) and only to the user. The relations are there, and we’ve not maken any mistakes at the set-up. That makes Adalo pretty worthless because an Idea should be visible to all in one account.

Can you share your relationship setup between users, ideas and accounts?

Not sure I understand your use case here.

thanks @bhanu, but after struggling for weeks now we’ve decided to move all our apps to appGyver