Home screen has no account data

Hello guys,

We have build an app for users to store their company plans. One company can exists of multiple users. But when signing a new user up, we cannot link it to the account. The account relationship is there but we cannot choose that field.

Any workarounds possible according to you?

You must setup the relationship so that one company can have many users and a user can have one company. Then you update the company user record and add the user. If you want to give me access to the app I could have a look or you could add screenshots or video and I can have a look.

@crmorris2 thanks, that was my idea too (and the relationships are set up as you stated). But, here is the problem. When one user creates a company goal, the new user cannot add it to the account since that data is missing at that point. At first I created everything in one app, after I thought a second app for new users would work (with shared database) - but at this point I think I should use one app again.

It would be great if you could help out.