Relationship between modal screen and list

Hi there,

Could you maybe help me to understand what’s the trigger of adding new items to the list of actions for any button or so?
As an example,
I have list of Achievements and I want to have the ability delete one of them, but I want to add pop-up modal before deleting.
I’ve linked my screen with the list and modal screen, so when I click on Trash bin button it’s redirecting me to the modal. All looks ok, except, when I want “Delete” button on my pop-up screen to delete one of the list item I can’t select it in Actions. What should I do to add “Delete>Current achievement” to my action list?
Please find screenshot attached.
Thank you!

Yes you want to click on the option “Current achievement” from the screenshot you provided.

Wow! Thanks, @Colin.
It was so simple! I just didn’t understand that the items with the little arrow are also clickable

My problem solved!

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