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I’ve read a few forum topics on the issue with using the back button and ending up on a modal screen. To me, a modal shouldn’t pop up when using the back button and it should take you to the screen before the modal.

Is there any way to have a double back action in order to skip the modal out? Or, what is everyone else doing to avoid the issue?

I’m aware that I could just link to the specific screen I want from the back button but this often causes issues with the availability of data.


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Hi Ash,

There is no double back so you have to design with that in mind.

You could consider this to avoid extra screen transitions:

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I have the same problem i don’t want the user can go back to madal screen with back button. This is breaking the “game” I’m making with Adalo

Thanks for this - it’s definitely a good solution for a lot of cases!

I’ve currently got a few modals setup for a user to select the quantity of an item after clicking on the item in the list. I can’t think of a way to make this method work if the user needs to click on a list item - can you?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Just set up more properties to go to next modal and make it a list item instead.

Would it send the current list item to the fake modal for the user to select the quantity of that item?

The page hasn’t changed so the list can just update the current collection, no data needs to be carried to another screen.

Sorry I’ve not been clear at all I’ve just realised! The list item creates an order item which is subsequently updated with the quantity

OK so for the create you might need one screen transition but after that use fake modal, and then the back button will be fine.

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