Can't HTTP Post via API to relationship field?

I’ve now been building an app for weeks, and just realized there is nothing in API documentation to update a relationship field… Is that because we cannot update a relationship field via the API? If not, this is mind boggling…

I am creating items via the API and I need to assign a user to each item.

Can somebody here help with confirming how to update a relationship field via the api?

Any help or advice please?

@Colin would appreciate any feedback or workaround for this? (I don’t want to use Zapier/Integromat for this, needs to be fully functioning between our own backend app and Adalo).

Is nobody on the Adalo team got a few minutes to help with this issue?

Hi @Michaelr2021,

It seems that setting relationships is not supported yet with API… all the tests I did via Postman returned “Bad request”.

You can try workaround this by adding a text “proxy” property to store the user info for the newly-added item, and then auto-create the relationship in the app:

  • page with list of newly-added items
  • filter it by user-info (I assume email) - you’ll get all “unassigned” items, containing logged-in user email
  • add countdown timer to the list (0/1 seconds)
  • update current list item: (a) add a relationship to logged in user and (b) “zero out” the proxy property with some abstract string, like - - - assigned - - -

Should work, as for me.

Best regards, Victor.

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