Remove link page between 2 screens

Hi all,

I’m new here, so I really appreciate this space.

I searched in the forum but I couldn’t find the answer, so here it goes my question if someone can help me.

I’m trying to remove the action to go from the log in page to “create profile”. I removed this action and changed the link to the homepage, but I still can see the arrows and when entering in the app it goes directly to the “create profile page”

Here is the picture of how the two screens are still linked to each other.

Do you know how can i change it?


Hey @its

Check if you have an action on the screen instead of the form. The screenshot shows you have action on both the Login & Create Profile screens.

So make sure you have checked both on-screen actions and element actions.

Wouldn’t it be there because of the “register” button that would link the user to create their own account? If that button is linked then that is why you have the arrow connecting the two pages.

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