I can't see where the link was made

Hello Adalo family,

I have a issue. I copy a screen from a sample.
when i add it to the app i am building. It create an link that i am not able to detect
I went through all the component but none of them seems to have the action link.
when i click on the link i dont see any information that can indicate where the action link was made.
What can i do to figure this issue out ?
thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @taglud :wave: :wave:

Check whether did you set the link action to the screen @taglud ( Screen Action)

I think I understood your question correctly @taglud :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :innocent:

i check that too
not there.
it is really weird.

Hi @taglud :wave: :wave:

So If you added a link action to a Button , Text or any other component or for a screen and when you copy that component or screen ( Ctrl+C ) and paste it that in a another app ( Ctrl+V ) your link action is Empty. Because in that app that screen is not there. You have to add the link action again from empty to a screen that have in the app.

@taglud so when you add like this and link action is not showing ?

And @taglud you can Submit A Support Ticket too :+1:

Thank you :innocent:

the issue is that the link goes to Signup, which is a common windows…

So you are telling when you open your app every time the Signup screen is coming right?

If it is change the screen navigation type to Welcome Screen in your Signup screen


Thank you