Remove the 'Use current device location' from my location field input

Hi all,

As part of my app, I collect certain users’ location information. I have had a few addresses coming through that are missing information such as house number or name. I think I’ve narrowed the issue down to the location field having the option to use ‘devices current location’ thus returning an incomplete address. Does anyone know how to turn this off to prevent this issue from occurring?

Hi @rajcc,

You mean remove this and make it none?

This :

To this? :

Thank you

Hi Dilon,
No the option im looking to remove is as follows -
Screenshot 2023-02-02 143518

Oh got it! I think it’s not possible at the moment, unfortunately. You can add this feature request here :

I’ll ask from the team too and let you know!

Thanks for your help Dilon, I’ll add it as a request. Seems pretty wild that adalo hasn’t got the option for this to be removed but oh well, can’t say im too surprised

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