No device location on mobile

Hi All,

I am newer to Adalo and enjoying it so far!

I am having a problem where the device location is appearing in my app when previewed on my computer; however, the device location is not showing when viewed as a test on my mobile device. At the bottom of my mobile, an error stating “Location data is not available” appears. Note: the addresses of the business locations work fine, but not the device location. Also, this is saved as a bookmark on my mobile and not a live app, if that has any correlation…

I have tried to troubleshoot this for some time now, reviewing all the the Adalo support info as well as past Community threads. However, I have yet to be able to resolve this problem.

I have checked my Google maps API and billing as well as turned off all restrictions. I (believe that) I have also configured the settings in Adalo correctly, but still I am missing something! Please also note that I am not receiving a request on my mobile that is asking for acceptance to use current location as some of the troubleshooting tips elude to.

I appreciate if anyone may provide me some direction / pointers on this matter!

Thank you,

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