Removing common value

I am trying to have my users add the lowest original non duplicated number and have the app block that number if it is duplicated. Example: if one use add 4 and another add 1 then 1 will be the lowest original number but if I add 4 and two other users add the number 1 then 4 would be the original number. Is this possible in Adalo?

I am rephrasing you sentences,

         User   A      B        Lowest
  First Attempt 4       1            B
  Second        1       4            B
   Third        1       -            B

Is it like this ?

Maybe, you can fix the table as comprehensive as you can.

I would like it to operate like bidding on an item. If bidders have the same bid those bids would not have value and would show false. Only the lowest bid that is not the same will show as true.

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