Alphabetically Collections Order

Hey Guys!

Can you all please help me by voting for the feature request I have created?

It’s hard to search through all collections until I find the one I’m looking for. The order is confusing and doesn’t match any criteria I can use. I could create a local js overlay as I did with CSS for my Adalo editor, but that would be too much of a workaround.

Request Link - Alphabetically Collections Order

I count on your vote! Thank You.

You missed a feature request that’s older than yours and more detailed: Sort Collections | Voters | Adalo

It solves the same issue and provides more options.

And yet, nearly three years later it’s still sitting in the request bucket lol

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My point is that the request was already there. There was no need to create a new one for the same purpose.

He could have voted for that one and promoted it in the forum, just like he did with the one he created.

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