Request geolocation permission

Hi everyone , i’ts been a little while that i’m stuck with the geolocation feature with adalo and i dont understand why i can’t see the request gelocation permission on the preview . It’s annoying because i can’t test my app and see what’s wrong. Does someone has a solution for that ? thank you

have you add the ask permission on the home scrren

i tried on the home screen & on the splash as well but still nothing

I don’t think you’ll see geolocation permission in the preview as it works through the browser and the browser will already have it granted

okay, so i should be able to test the geolocation (without the request ) in the preview?
I’m asking because it didn’t work , that’s why i thought it was because of the request.
and also the feature that i want to add in my app is a screen where the users can tcheck the distance between them and others users in the same area . Should i use the current device location for the logged in users & the current users?

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