Require that users agree to terms (EULA) for IOS

Hi all,

I am attempting to publish my app on the app store, but I received “Require that users agree to terms (EULA)” feedbacks from app store users. So, I should add terms of use on the signup page and get action from the user on whether they accept the agreement. Therefore I tried to add a toggle checkbox button. My question is how I set this toggle as required. In addition, I am not using signup forms because of other workaround solutions.

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

What you describe is exactly the way to go. Have the toggle update a property on the database “agreedToTerms” and then have the ‘continue’ button only visible if they toggle that.

Hi @theadaloguy,

First, thank you for your response.
I thought the set the button visibilities depends on the toggle is true or not. But I should add a toggle on the signup page to solve the issue. Unfortunately, there is no user record yet to update that page. In addition, the system cannot allow us to link the button to the toggle before updating the property. :frowning: If we reach the toggle value before the updating property (such as form inputs), it seems it possible a good solution.
I have been working on my app for a month, and I have to figure out this problem :frowning: I am so close the publish my app.

In my flow it is a second page, so logged in user will already exist. User signs up and then goes to the terms and conditions page where they agree.

And if they quit the app and log in again, my homescreen has a redirect that sends them to the terms page if they didn’t accept.

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You are right. Actually, I just did it. I add a new page between the signup and welcome page. First, I got the user info and opened the “Terms of Use” page to get approval. If the user can not approve but try to next time to log in, I direct the user again to the “Terms of Use” page. It sounds was good until the system can not direct the page after the signup :frowning: Log in page is fine. There is no problem. But I couldn’t figure out why it did not direct it.

Hi @theadaloguy,
I’d be interested to learn how you created the redirect?
Would share how you did this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@msmurfitt @cihan

I’ve made a short video really quickly outlining how I build terms and conditions after sign up + redirect in case they slip through.

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