What are others doing for EULA/Terms and Conditions

It has been a while since my team has submitted an app to Apple, and seems some things related to data safety have gotten tighter (and yeah, our app is doing a few different things than others in our portfolio). App was swiftly rejected related to data safety - expressed need for EULA (wouldn’t terms and conditions be more accurate?), ability for user to complain about content generated by another, ability to delete what are two-way “private” pairings between users, etc. (It is not a rude app, in case any are wondering, but does involve exchange of mood and wellness information.)
What are you doing to create a good Terms and Conditions? I have read through comments about importance of tracking consent… but how do we ensure that Adalo’s T&C are adequately mirrored for our own apps? And any tips about complaint forms, where access to them needs to be addressed, and how to “filter for inappropriate content” (another Apple comment)?

Hey there @tkasenberg

What I do is create a website for each of the apps that I develop. I use Wordpress but you can use any website builder you’re comfortable with. I then make the terms of service and privacy policy pages there, so they have a simple URL to access the policies.

I use Termageddon to create all of my app and website policies.

All you gotta do is answer questions based on the type of policy you’re creating. You can create a terms of service, privacy policy, EULA, and disclaimers with Termageddon.

If you sign up for Termageddon, use promo code FLAWLESSWD and you’ll receive 10% off your first-year payment. The cool thing about Termageddon is that the policies stay up-to-date, even when the laws change.

For this, I have an “admin dashboard” on many apps to manage the content & users of the apps. I add a collection called “Flags” to the apps so that anytime something is flagged in the app, I have quick access to the flagged items in my admin dashboard with the ability to edit/delete flagged items.

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