How to add "agree to terms and contains" before user is created

I have a “terms and conditions” screen, which new users must read and agree to before they actually create their account.

Currently, I display the terms in a custom list on one screen, with a “next” button at the bottom. Clicking the button sends the user to the “create profile” screen, where they actually create their account in the user collection.

I want to change the “next” button to an “I agree to the terms” button. Clicking the button should a) toggle the true/false component in that user’s profile in the user collection, and b) link to the “create profile” screen.

The problem I think I see is that the user account hasn’t actually been created yet, so how can the true/false toggle be applied to their record in the user collection? The only option I see under the “update” actions is to update logged in user’s “I agree” entry. But the user isn’t actually logged in yet.

Am I making this too complicated? Can anyone offer a suggestion for how to do this? Or an alternative way to manage the “I agree” requirement?

Thanks so much as always.

What I always do in my apps is create the user (signup), then I send it to the terms and conditions screen and if it does not accept, I delete the user (delete current user).

Pretty good idea. I’ll try that. Thanks so much!

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