Urgent Native Feature needed

Hello the @Adalo_CXTeam

There is an absolutely needed native feature, in order to really validate this no-code solution as a true web app,

I’ve created an entire custom screen with input information, only to realize there is no way to make them mandatory before the submit button creates the record.

Yes I can use the built-in forms, yes I can tell the button not submit only on condition of, but only works for one one field, not all.

The visual aspect of built forms is lacking, especially if we want to take the UI to another level.
PLEASE PLEASE, make this happen, here is the form I built but it will not work, just decor for now, each field must be set to Required when we want to.

Thank you

This topic has been covered many times before.

If you actually search through the forum you will find more than one discussion in which it’s clarified how to validate fields in a custom form. There is a solution.

Can you point me to one, please? I found how to make a condition on the submit button, but only one field can be covered, if you have multiple ones it doesn’t work.

Also this should be a simple required field, I mean they are form field, adding required feature should be logical…
I couldn’t find a solution to this, if you know one that works for my use case as mentioned earlier pls if you can share the link, much appreciated


for a little mobile app with one field I agree, but honestly this should be number 1 feature request for everyone, I have dozens of screens that I need to take the UI to the next level, and only custom forms will allow it, this must be a priority , its pain for a little screen, but just impossible for a large web app to do things like this, troubleshooting anything in the future will be a nightmare if i do some voodoo stuff to get this working .

There’s a paid for plugin:

Thank you appreciate it, but not a fan of third-party solutions. This should be native.

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