Reset text field to 00 when adding a number over 60


I am wondering if there is a way or formula that can reset a text field to 00 minutes when the magic text number is over 60?

The timer components that exist in the marketplace are not useful in my case because they don’t have an option for minutes.


Can you please explain more?

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Hi @m-mrh ,

Use field in collection, so you can check by operators such as greater, less, not equal.

Sure, thanks for your reply @njimmy10 @Yongki

I am recording the time difference of the switch component when it’s turned off and on. I am receiving the result in minutes. I added a text field 1 to show the result of the total minutes spent, but added another text field 2 and want it to reset to 00 when the text field displays a maximum of 60.

time difference (text field 1) = 124 mins
minutes text field should show only 04 mins (text field 2)

Hi @Yongki I think you mean to work with the visibility of the text field right? The problem is that there is no limit to how much the number of minutes will be, it may reach 1440 for example, this way I have to add another 12 text fields.

Hi @m-mrh ,

Let’s say you have 3 numbers field, day, hours, minutes.

when you add 1 to minutes if the content is 59, you do 2 update actions, 1st is to add hours and 2nd is to reset minutes to 0.

The same goes for hours when they reach 23.


try doing the following (input is the duration):
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 1.19.49 AM

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Thank you @Yongki this will do the trick. I used change input value instead :+1:

Thank you @njimmy10 I tried the formula the only problem is that the result is in decimal.

Even if I use Round or INT the result will not return 00


After testing for a while I noticed that using the greater than 60 conditions will return all the total of minutes above 60 to 00. @Yongki

I will stick to the formula proposed by @njimmy10 for now. I added the INT to both hours’ and minutes’ formulas




Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry I may misunderstood what you really wants. glad it worked


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