Fuction help to give me 0 when is less than 0

I’m trying to get how much time I have left to reach my goal in hours, I used a costum formula.
I would like that when I reach my goal and exceed it instead of giving me a number less than 0 (example -1,-2,-3 etc) it gives me only 0.

is this possible with a function?


Store the calculation in a property and use the value of it as a visibility condition.

You then duplicate the element. One element that only shows if the value is bigger than 0. The other elements only shows if it’s equal to 0 or less. On the later, you set the values to 0h.

Thank you, i tried but in this case i need a buttom to update every time the property, I prefer to avoid this step if possible, while with a function everything becomes more automatic

i found the solution using this formula 0.5 * (abs(x) + x)
and it’s work

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