Responsive Design on all different Mobile Devices

Hi guys, is anyone familiar with if there is a function or upcoming improvement that the design being done in the Adalo builder is actually the same on ALL different mobile devices (iPhone 13, Galaxy S20, iPhone SE etc.)? This seems to be a huge mess in terms of design on all the different devices.

Thanks for any support or hint!

Hey Franz, are you asking specifically about, for example, Nav Bars and Titles coming up dependent on the screen size? If so you could make a nav bar appear on larger devices etc. and use visibility rules for them to appear on larger and smaller devices.

Hi Alex, thanks for your advice. No its actually a bit trickier than this. Because different phone screens (iPhone 10, Pixel, iPhone SE etc.) have diffierent sizes the design is sometimes completely off. Like text is behind images or headers are in the middle. So I want to understand if there is a way to fix things to the screen so that whatever it looks like in the Adalo builder it looks like this on every kind of smartphone.

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Same problem here, after i had to rebuild every screen of my app to work and look OK in the adalo 2.0 builder, now i have tested it on android phone and on the previewer its very different of what its shown on the iphone previewer. On the old builder, u had option to preview it on different devicesā€¦

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