Responsivity issues

Hi guys,

I’ve created an app for a client that runs smoothly but have been previewing it on the Iphone 11 + option for the entire process.

I’ve just tested the app on my phone and the whole thing is ridden with issues, despite there only being a small difference in the dimensions.

Here are some screenshots of the sign up screen for context.

I’ve also included a screenshot of the Iphone 11+ preview when you slide down the page, despite the entire page optimised in size for these dimensions.

What is the best solution for this, using only the sign up screen as an example?

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you provide a screenshot of how you have this setup within the Adalo builder? That way I (and others) can make suggestions on how to best solve this.

I actually figured out a solution to fix responsivity issues for all dimensions, took a little while but it looks great on all devices!

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